Flora  84 x 72"

Visual Artist

Catherine S. Adamson

Welcome  to the gallery of artworks created by Vancouver artist Catherine S. Adamson. Catherine's paintings are made with acrylic and latex paint on  stretched canvases and finished with a UV-protectant varnish. Using her  "free-flow" painting method of allowing paint to flow off a wooden stick  and down onto a prone canvas, she layers the colours and lines to  create a unique movement and depth on each canvas.  Paintings can be  purchased directly from the venues, or by contacting the artist via  email. Enjoy!

NEW!!    Now you can wear Catherine's art:  http://www.art-a-porter.com/catherine.adamson (see below)

Where to see a selection of Adamson's originals:

Blenz Coffee Shop in Horseshoe Bay, B.C. Located near the B.C.Ferry terminal.

Lipont Gallery, No. 3 Rd., Richmond - four of my largest paintings on display.

Contact artist by email: catadam6@gmail.com

New Project: Authentic: A Study in Evil. This project is the creation of writer, Robert Joseph Greene of Vancouver, Canada. I will be contributing the artwork, painting and collage, in collaboration with Mr. Greene and Emily Carr art student Jasmine Hsu. These artworks contain authentic artifacts and will accompany Mr. Greene's written studies on evil rulers throughout history. I will add more as this project moves forward.




Honours and Awards:

May 2010 - Award of Excellence for "Iris V"; ArtSpacific Show, North Delta Arts Council

July 2010 - Award of Distinction for "Heartbreak"; Oil & Water Show, S.Delta Arts Council

March 2011 - Honourable Mention for "Ditch"; ArtSpacific Show, North Delta Arts Council

May 2011 - Award of Excellence for "Passion"; Abstract Show, Federation of Canadian Artists

March 2015 - UFV wine label competition winner for red and white: "Salsa" and "Perlette"

April 2015 - Honourable Mention for "Lipstick 13" at FCA juried Foliage & Flowers show

July/August 2015 "Lipstick 13" chosen for the front cover of the FCA's Art Avenue magazine

Spring 2017 - B.C.Children's Hospital commissioned three large original paintings for their new Acute Care Tower. Competition saw over 1200 applicants. This is quite an honour.


My Inspiration

I have always sketched and painted throughout my life, but only recently these past twelve years have I experimented with what I call "Free-Flow" painting.  By giving up having complete control, as we do with a paintbrush, I allow the paint to flow freely from the stick held over a prone canvas and watch the magic happen. I am influenced by the chaos and beauty of nature. Certainly Jackson Pollock's style of dripping and pouring paint from above also influenced my method. I have moved beyond abstract and take time for images to emerge from the chaos I create. There is great joy in letting go of control and celebrating the results.


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